HttpResponse.RedirectPermanent in ASP.Net 4.0

If you want to redirect a page permanently to the new location, ASP.Net 4.0 introduces a new method ie, HttpResponse.RedirectPermanent



My sincere apologies to all

Noted all your comments and it was heartening and encouraging to read them. My sincere apologies to all for being unable to come online for a long time as I was held up with a few projects of significance the details of which I shall reveal once they become active.

Understand some of the components had become inactive during my absence and were no longer useable. I am correcting the same one by one and shall soon put it up for all to access.

The following components / modules are active now:

Thanks for all the comments and keep them coming …..

Asp.Net Flv Converter Beta Version

Your Waiting for the Free Online FLV Converter is going to over… MenonOn.Net planning to launch the “On The Fly” FLV Converter by the end of July 2008.

Menon FLV Converter is an On the FLY FLV Converter for ASP.Net Video Streaming Portal Websites. It will convert video files to the flv format.

Beta version of Menon FLV Converter is still under testing… We need your suggestions about this. So kindly post your comments or mail me on