The ListView raised event ItemEditing which wasn’t handled.

The ListView ‘ListView1’ raised event ItemEditing which wasn’t handled.

if the CommandName of a clicked button is “Edit” then it will put the ListView in the Edit mode, try modifying the CommandName=”Edit” to something like “modify”… its so easy 🙂


Visualize XSLT issue on Umbraco 4.9.1

Modify “editXslt.aspx” xsltVisualize function as follow

Change UmbEditor._editor.selection() to UmbEditor._editor.getSelection();

FYI: You can find “editXslt.aspx” under “umbraco/developer/Xslt” folder

Solution for Umbraco CMS Preview issue

Solution for Umbraco CMS Preview issue

This is an issue with Umbraco 4.7.1  and It’s been fixed but only in the latest nightly builds of umbraco.

  1. Download that fix from and select the build “”
    go directly to the build
  2. Unzip/Extract the zip file
  3. Take a backup of your old “Umbraco.dll” which has the preview issue, for your safety.
  4. Replace the “Umbraco.dll” with the newly downloaded file

Solution for ASP.NET Error: Could not load file or assembly ‘System.Web.Extensions’

The Main reason for this error is ‘Your Application uses Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions 1.0 and they had not been installed on your hosting server’

Solution – 1

  1. Download the ‘ASPAJAXExtSetup.msi‘ installer from Microsoft and run it on the live server. The required .dll files would then be inserted into the GAC

Solution – 2

  1.  Your Server did not exhibit the problem, so server obviously had the dll files. Then The Simple Answer is to place a copy of these following files in the applicatiion’s ‘Bin’ folder
    1. System.Web.Extensions.Design.dll
    2. System.Web.Extensions.dll

    You can find these files at C:\Program Files\Microsoft ASP.NET\ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX Extensions\v1.0.61025\